Thursday, November 18, 2004

Alright on tonights show I had a chat with Andy from Fort, who was sitting on the rooftop of The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle. Also had interviews with The Specimens and The Cassanovas.

Social Distortion - Don't Take Me For Granted
Hot Snakes - Lovebirds
New York Dolls - Subway Train (Live)
The Chronics - Make You Move
The Psycho Delmatics - Tough Guys Can Dance
Fort - Van
Fort - Should I Ask?
Whitfield Crane, Rocky George, Randy Castillo and Mike Inez - Master Of Puppets
The Fuzz - Monster
The Kits - Goodtime
The Blacklist - We Want Blood
The Specimens - Head Straight
The Specimens - Jani
The Specimens - Drama Queen
Five Bucks - Be My Girlfriend
The High Society - Pledge
The Dangermen - Johnny Craig
The Hellacopters - Carry Me Home
The Hives
The Flaming Sideburns - Street Survivor
New Bomb Turks - Jivin' Sister Fanny
Women Of Troy - Contender
The Go Set - Away Away
SC Trash - Cuntry
The Cassanovas - One More Time
The Cassanovas - Living In The City
Social Distortion - Winners And Losers
Tommy Victor, Nuno9 Bettencourt, Joey Vera and Scott Travis - Enter Sandman
Her Majestys Finest - Debt Collecter
4 Days In A Maze - Sexual Predator
New York Dolls - Babylon (Live)
Young Heart Attack - Misty Rowe
The Stooges - Search And Destroy
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists - The One Who Got Us Out
Ikara Colt - Waste Ground
Social Distortion - Live Before You Die
The Breakout - None Of The Above
Blues Explosion - Burn It Off
Gang Of Four - A Hole In The Wallet
The Drones - I'd Been Told
The Reactions - Doghouse Blues
Electric Eel Shock - Do The Metal
The Donnas - Fall Behind Me
Read Yellow - Fashion Fatale
Social Distortion - Nickels And Dimes

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Hey kids! Here is the post from the show, Blackie and Joel From Sydney killers Nunchukka Superfly came on the show and had a bit of a guest program. What happened is as follows.

Hot Snakes - Braitrust
The Dictators - Sleepin' With The Tv On
Nunckukka Superfly - Jacket
SC Trash - Cuntry

Blackie and Joel from Nuncukka Superfly take over programming:
Stiff Little Fingers - Breakout
The Saints - This Perfect Day
The Stranglers - Goodbye Toulouse
Nunchukka Superfly - Train:Car:Car:Murder
The Bonniwell Music Machine - The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly
Husker Du - In A Free Land
Public Image - Fodderstompf
The Melvins - Revolve
Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam
Wire - Outdoor Mixer
Nunchukka Superfly - Get Fucked
Discharge - Free Speach For The Deaf
Killing Joke - Requiem
Lee Perry - Burning Wire
Nunchukka Superfly - Earth, Wind And Fire
Gang Of Four - Naturals Not In It
The Birthday Party - Swampland
Chrackie - Guess Again
Nunchukka Superfly - Couch

AC/DC - Down Payment Blues
The Psycho Delmatics - Hell Fuels My Machine
Blues Explosion - Spoiled
4 Days In A Maze - Seual Predator
The Dangermen - Show Me
Sin City - Rest In Pieces
The Go Set - Sing Me A Song
SC Trash - The Trash From SC
Hot Snakes - Hatchet Job
Wrangler Brutes - Things Get Fruity
The Specimens - Head Straight
Electric Eel Shock - Rock N Roll Can Save The World
The Stoneage Hearts - Sick Of You
The Fuzz - You Must Be Dead
The Blacklist - We Want Blood
Nine Pound Hammer - Shotgun In The Chevy
Wolfmother - The White Unicorn
Tight Bros From Way Back When - Rip It Up
The Dictators - Young Fast And Scientific
4 Days In A Maze - Those Old Times

Friday, November 05, 2004

Don't forget to listen in next week kids as we have Joel and Blackie from Nunchukka Superfly coming in to play some of their faviourite tracks. I aslo had a bit of a chat with The Cassanovas this week so we will be hearing that. And, as always, the best god damned rock n roll from Australia and Overseas!


Thursday, November 04, 2004

No guests to night kids, just some of the best darn rock n roll this world has to offer and heel don't we need it! What with the double whammy of first Howard getting re-elected and now Bush getting back in. Makes me wanna drink...

Supersuckers - Doublewide
The Fuzz - Take The Money
Blues Explosion - You Been My Baby
The Casanovas - Livin In The City
The Breakout - Value Add
Gazoonga Attack - Down The Alibi
Mexico City - You Weren't Kidding
Tri State Lovers - Fastback Girl
Wolf And Cub - Targets
Asteroid B612 - Straight Back To You
The Boobytraps - Be My Caveman
The Stems - Make You Mine
Wrangler Brutes - Chaos Collides
Read Yellow - Fashion Fatale
Monkey Boy - Can't Get Up In The Morning
Big Jim - I Like It
The Sailors - Let's Put The Gay Back Into Reggae
The Intercontinental Playboys - Exit Sign
The Reactions - I Hate John Butler
Blues Explosion - Hot Gossip
Young Heart Attack - Misty Rowe
The Paranoia Club - We Ain't Americans
The Specimens - Head First
Killerhertz - Blah Blah
The Blacklist - Release The Gay Boy Bezerker Attack
Read Yellow - Static
The Make Up - Pow! To The People
The Veebees - Pissed On Sunday
Electric Eel Shock - Do The Metal
The Donnas - Fall Behind Me
Gazoonga Attack - Flash In The Panty
The Breakout - None Of The Above
Wolf And Cub - Poison Fang
Monkey Boy - Come Around
Tri State Lovers - Jungle Voodoo
Wolfmother - The White Unicorn
Nunchukka Superfly - Lonliness Is Cool
The Cassanovas - No Time For Love
At The Drive In - Pattern Against User
Burning Brides - Alternative Teenage Suicide
Tight Bros From Way Back When - Hayseed Rock
Soledad Brothers - Cage That Tiger
The Immortal Lee County Killers - Goin' Down South
Ac/Dc - Riff Raff
Wrangler Brutes - Homosexual President
Mexico City - Salvation Army Band
The High Society - Pledge
The Specimens - Kiss On The Lips

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